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The changing seasons, stressful periods, temporary fatigue and pollution all attack keratin fibres and make skin appendages fragile. This results in the daily loss of greater amounts of hair (between two and four times higher than the amounts observed during the rest of the year), split ends, a lack of volume and sheen.


HAIR FORCE ONE FOOD SUPPLEMENT is the ideal ally to help give your hair and nails a new beauty dimension thanks to its innovative formula.

  • COMPLETE & SELECTIVE FORMULA: The HAIR FORCE ONE CAPILLAIRE formula comprises innovative active ingredients that act in a manner complementing vitamins and minerals.
  • OBJECTIVE: PREVENTION OF HAIR BREAKAGE AND HAIR LOSS PROTECTION: Nutricible 111 Apple (flavan-3ol-based active ingredients), contributes to eliminating free radicals in order to fight against premature ageing of hair and stimulate peripheral microcirculation thanks to the combined action of blueberryextract.
  • OBJECTIVE: GROWTH: Wheat protein hydrolysates combined with bamboo rich in silica, provide the ingredients essential to form the keratin required to develop new hair fibres.
  • OBJECTIVE: SHEEN AND STRENGTH: There is a correlation between shiny hair and the perfectly smooth and flat outer layer of the keratin cuticle scales that are tightly bound together, and which reflectthe light. Consequently, proper synthesis of keratin is essential to give your hair. Vitamin E ensures antioxidant protection and vitamin B6 participates in the synthesis of cysteine (essential element of keratin). Zinc, combined with amino acids, contributes to beautiful hair by enabling the proper synthesis of keratin. As for the Nutricible Beauty, active ingredient it’s a complex that concentrates three essential elements of the skin and scalp (Collagen – Keratin – hyaluronic acid), guaranteeing dense and soft hair nourished from the scalp!
Hair Force One food supplement: nutrinional guidelines


*Tests conducted by an independant laboratory. Results may vary from one individual to another.

Tensile tests

Significant reduction observed in the amount of hair loss during the tensile test (brushing) (p<0.001) with an average loss of - 54,18%, effect observed for 100% volunteers

Significant reduction observed in terms of hair loss during the tensile test (removal) (p<0.001) with an average loss of - 72% on average, effect observed 100% by the volunteers.

This can be said to back up the claims that the HAIR FORCE ONE CAPILLAIRE treatment makes hair twice as strong or gives it twice as much vitality.

Self-assessment questionnaire

  • Shinier hair for 100% of the volunteers
  • Stronger hair with greater substance for 96% of the volunteers.
  • Naturally better coloured hair for 92% of the volunteers
  • 92% would be willing to use it again
  • 100% to recommend it

Directions for use

Two tablets in the morning with a large glass of water.
30 days treatment.


Nutricible® Beauté [antiagglomérant : phosphate dicalcique, hydrolysat de collagène marin (poisson), kératine, acide hyaluronique]. L-Cystine. Antiagglomérants : phosphate dicalcique, carbonate de magnésium. Agent de charge : cellulose microcristalline. Nutricible® 111 Pomme source sélective de polyphénols [pectine de pomme, extrait de pomme, poudre de pomme]. Antiagglomérant : phosphate tricalcique. Hydrolysat de protéine de blé dosé en cystine (glutten). Antiagglomérant : stéarate de magnésium. Extrait sec d’exsudat de pousse et tige de bambou. L-Méthionine. Extrait sec de fruit de citrus. Vitamine E. Vitamine B3. Biotine. Extrait sec de baie de myrtille. Oxyde de zinc. Vitamine B5. Gluconate de cuivre. Vitamine B6.

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Présentation 1 x 60 tablets box
Eco-green No
Country of Manufacture France
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