The Claude Bell Institute

"I love women and I want them to be beautiful. All of them!
When I created the Claude Bell Institute in 1992, my goal was to make relevant beauty products and treatments in terms of price and quality.
I think it is safe to say I have achieved my goal!"

Taking care of yourself, your body, enhancing your physical assets, correcting minor imperfections: I have always been interested in beauty products. Isn't it great to be able to change a face, add volume to hair, narrow silhouette that has thickened?
"Yes!" , cosmetics can now do wonders for women and men, thanks to extensive research in laboratories where are regularly discovered and hand-picked new active ingredients.

The challenge for the Institute Claude Bell is the same since its inception in 1992: offer its customers beauty treatments enriched with active ingredients that keep their promises, at a resolutely affordable cost.
Active ingredients are the most important elements in any cosmetic product. Expertise is then to find components that will be added carefully to provide a smooth texture, a pleasant flavor, a pretty color... to finally get the perfect care.

When I created the first ever hair growth enhancer HAIR BELL in 1994, jI was confident it was a great product. It met all the required specifications to guarantee a satisfactory result for those who are keen to highlight their hair. But I had never imagined it would be such a success! In only twenty years we have sold several million bottles all over the world and still today this is one of the top hair growth enhancers!
After the successful launch of HAIR BELL, The Claude Bell Institute soon started investing in the creation and commercialization of alternative treatments, in compliance with its original values: affordable products rich in active ingredients that still meet consumers' expectations.

Today the Claude Bell Institute is recognized throughout Europe for its expertise in hair loss, beauty and thinness. We are also recognized for our expertise in designing and manufacturing our own products made in our own Laboratory of Cosmetology located at Mazamet, in southern France.
Immediate success of most of our products has required us to improve and expand our production capacity while keeping the same production model. The Claude Bell Institute has remained true to its philosophy and methods to ensure the best quality with its cosmetics.

Each product is subjected to rigorous trials before releasing on the market: bacteriological testings, toxicological studies, etc… They must also face four major types of tests: safety, efficacy, tolerance and consumer. These tests are performed by independent and specialized laboratories.

Since its inception, the Claude Bell Institute has always been ahead of its main competitors for we listen to our customers and are developing today tomorrow's products.
If you too want to provide us with your comments or share your views about our products, please feel free to contact us.