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Argan oil has a large number of cosmetic virtues. Used for centuries by Berber women, argan oil is recognised for its significant nourishing properties.

A real gift from nature, argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the argan tree that grows mainly in the south-west of Morocco. Similar to walnuts, the fruit of the argan tree contains kernels in its nut. Cosmetic argan oil is produced by cold‐pressing argan‐fruit kernels.

Through its high content of fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) and vitamin E, argan oil has abundant moisturising properties, a fact widely-acknowledged for centuries. Highly nourishing, it helps prevent signs of ageing skin. Ideal for increasing the elasticity of skin as well as making it firmer, argan oil also helps fight against environmental aggressors such as the wind and sun.


Genuine effects have been observed on skin conditions such as eczema, acne, chickenpox and chapping. Thanks to its high level of omega 6, a fatty acid that helps sooth burns and skin irritations. All these benefits also make an ideal treatment for very dry skin and mild sunburn.

Argan oil is beneficial for both your skin and hair. Applied as a mask, leave it on all night for shiny hair when you wake up. Perfect for damaged hair, argan oil nourishes hair deep down, giving it a much gentler feel.

Argan oil can also be used to nourish and strengthen soft, brittle or split nails.

Directions for use

Hair care : apply the oil on the whole length of your hair, damp or dry.
Body care : apply on your whole body or on areas of your choice and massage gently so it penetrates thoroughly. massages.
Nail care : apply on your hands and massage carefully.



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Présentation 1 x Flacon pipette 100 ml
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