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  • Style hair without heat damage
  • Heats up in 1 minute
  • Adjustable heat settings for all hair types

Instant beach waves
Protects your hair
No frizz

Utilisation de la brosse
  • Tourmaline-coated: this semi-precious stone distributes heat evenly over the entire surface of the hair.
  • Naturally ion-emitting, tourmaline helps tame hair and prevent frizz.
  • PTC resistor for ultra-fast heating.
  • 2 temperature settings to suit your hair type.

Directions for use

WARNING: Curling iron heats quickly. We recommend only switching the appliance on immediately before use.

WARNING: Do not use hairspray or other chemical hair products before using this appliance since they are slightly flammable.

1. Comb tangles out of clean hair that is dry or nearly dry.
2. Plug the power cable into an electrical outlet.
3. Set the temperature selection switch to the desired temperature.
4. Wait until the iron is ready (around 30 seconds for 170°C or 1 minute for 220°C).
5. Use a comb to separate hair into sections of around 4 cm width. Make sure that sections placed on the iron are not too thick.
6. Place the section of hair correctly on the iron.
7. Hold the rolled section in place for a few seconds.
8. When you have finished using the iron, it can be left to cool down for a while on the fold-out stand (6).
9. After use, switch the temperature selection to O. The power indicator light (4) will go out. Unplug the appliance and allow to cool fully before storing.


1. For best results, hair oils and serums should be used after the curling iron.
2. We recommend argan or keratin-based shampoos and conditioners.
3. Ionic ceramic-coated barrels protect the hair to optimal effect. However, excessive use of the curling iron is not recommended. We advise allowing at least 4 days between curling sessions. For longer-lasting curls, try using the cold air setting on your hairdryer as soon as you have finished curling your hair.

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